Bowling with Footballs pits two teams against each other, both competing to knock down all of their opponent's bowling pins by throwing a full-sized, regulation football. Each match begins with a coin-toss to determine which team throws first. The winner of the coin toss may decide to either take the first throw or choose which Bowling Lane they wish to defend. Matches may be either individual (1 vs 1), or team play (2 to 5 players per team).

 Here are The Rules

BwF Lane Rental Rates

BwF Lanes are rented in 6 hour increments and include: 2 Bowling Boards, 20 Bowling Pins, and a Regulation Football.

One BwF Game Set rents for $50.00

Two BwF Game Sets rent for $95.00

Own Your Own BwF Lanes

Custom Bowling with Footballs game sets are available for purchase starting at $350. Each game sat includes 2 Custom Bowling Boards, 20 Bowling Pins, and a Regulation Football. Normal production time is 3 - 4 weeks from order confirmation. Multi-color boards, 2 piece boards, custom logos, and game set delivery are available at an additional charge.

BwF Rental Game Sets may be picked up at our Lake Geneva location at no charge. We can also deliver the BwF Game Sets to your location for an additional fee. The charge for Delivery & Pick-up is $4.00/mile from our Lake Geneva location, with a $25.00 minimum. Mileage is determined by Google Maps from our location to yours.

About transporting the BwF Lanes

If you plan on picking up the BwF Lanes you should keep this in mind when selecting your vehicle and pick-up person. Although our BwF Lanes are designed to travel they are still big and heavy. Each BwF lane board is constructed of two pieces measuring 42"x48"x4" with each half weighing about 50 pounds. Each BwF Game Set Rental consists of 2 boards, made up of 2 pieces each, for a total of 4 pieces with a combined weight of about 200 pounds. Don't forget about the bowling pins. Each box of 10 pins measures 16"x24"x12" and weighs about 40 pounds.

We suggest you bring enough muscle to load the boards. The vehicle you use must be able to hold a 4' x 8' sheet of plywood. As with any rental, you are responsible for any damage to the equipment.

The BwF Lanes are easily assembled with 3 bolts and wingnuts (included), no tools are necessary. The Bowling Pins and Regulation Football do not require assembly.

Check Availability and Get-A-Quote.

Bowling with Footballs (BwF) combines two great American pastimes, football and bowling. It's the perfect add-on activity whenever people get together. Indoors or outdoors, BwF is fun, easy, and challenging for all ages. BwF matches are played at Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties, Corporate Events, Family Reunions, Birthday Parties, as well as School, Church and Community Events.