The BattlefieldLive Fundraising Program

At BattlefieldLive Wisconsin we love to help groups

create fun and unique packages for fundraisers. Our

Laser Tag To You mobile laser tag is a great activity

for  community events and fundraisers. Our program

builds  character and every player feels like a winner!

Laser Tag To You will come to your church, school, or

neighborhood and provide everything you'll need to run

your event and set-up a mission field. We understand

the difficulties of planning an event. Because not knowinghow many people will attend your event presents manychallenges we've structured our fundraising program toaddress this issue

Why a Laser Tag Fundraiser?

  1. Fun: Laser Tag is way more fun than a bake sale or trying to get your friends and family to buy another candy bar or pizza from you.
  2. Unique: You've washed enough cars... try something different.
  3. Interactive: Laser Tag games get everyone involved. From ages 8 to 88, we've had them all on the field playing laser tag. And even if you're not playing, the spectators have a blast watching the action!
  4. Flexible: We can play almost anywhere, indoors or outdoors, in bright daylight or in the cover of night. Winter, spring, summer, or fall, this game is amazing.
  5. Ownership: Your crew helps throughout and actually runs the event. When it's over they really feel like they've earned their money, and had a great time doing it.
  6. Family Friendly: This game is safe for all ages and can easily be played with mixed age groups on the same field, at the same time.

Here's How It Works:

  • Prior to the event your group pre-sells tickets for games (We can even supply custom designed tickets). Tickets are typically sold for $10 each and are good for 2 games* at the event. Walk-Ins are welcome on the day of the event as well.
  • Two weeks prior to the event you confirm you have met the minimum pre-sales requirement and lock the event with your Reservation Fee.
  • On the day of the event your group works under the assigned Mission Director and runs the entire event. Your volunteer workers will do everything we normally do including battlefield set-up and take-down, ticket handling, gearing-up and gearing-down the players as well as refereeing the games.
  • After the event we reconcile the account based on the percentages below and split the proceeds.


In order to ensure both your group and BattlefieldLive Wisconsin make enough money for the event to be a success, we have some minimum pre-sale requirements which must be met at least two weeks prior to your event. Your group or organization must be exempt from sales tax or must be a 501(c)(3) organization. We require a copy of your State Sales Tax Exemption Certificate or a completed S-211 for our records.

Standard Sellers: 75%/25% Split (your group receives 25% of total sales)

  • 3 Hour Event - minimum of 60 game tickets pre-sold ($450/$150 split)
  • 4 Hour Event - minimum of 74 game tickets pre-sold ($555/$185 split)
  • 5 Hour Event - minimum of 88 game tickets pre-sold ($662/$220 split)

Super Sellers: 65%/35% Split (your group receives 35% of total sales)

  • 3 Hour Event - minimum of 75 game tickets pre-sold ($488/$262 split)
  • 4 Hour Event - minimum of 95 game tickets pre-sold ($617/$333 split)
  • 5 Hour Event - minimum of 120 game tickets pre-sold ($780/$420 split)

You have to sell a lot of cookies or wash a lot of cars to bring in over $300 dollars in 3 hours, and I guarantee you won't have as much fun doing it! Plus.... if you really want to make the extra money, sell those cookies and wash cars at the laser tag event. It's a win/win situation for everyone!

The Math: We provide a Mission Director, 12 to 24 Laser Tag Guns, a Master Controller, and up to 24 inflatable obstacles for your battlefield. At $5/game and 50% capacity you should process 72 players per hour, or $360 per hour in revenue. (12 guns x 6 turnovers per hour = 72 players per hour x $5 per round = $360 per hour) Your actual turnover rate may be higher but should not be lower, as long as you've done your part to publicize your event and get the players out to play. Remember, you are selling 2 rounds for $10. Most of the time during Open Play, when a players time is up they just want to reload and get back on the battlefield, which results in a higher turnover rate.

*games: We offer two different types of gaming options: Open Play and Mission PLay

An Open Play game is limited in length by time on the battlefield, generally 5 minutes, or by the amount of ammunition a player has. Typically, each player starts with 210 rounds of ammunition which results in about 5 minutes of play. There are no teams, there are no re-spawns, nobody "dies". This type of gaming results in continuous play and allows for the greatest number of players during the event. More players means more money for the fundraiser.

A Mission Play based game pits two teams against each other in a 5 minute battle. Mission Play allows up to 10 players on the battlefield at one time in a 5 vs 5, battle. Each player starts the game with 5 hit points. Once they have been shot 5 times they are "dead" and must return to base to re-spawn. The team with the fewest re-spawns at the end of the game is the winner. This type of gaming results in almost continuous play and allows for actual laser tag battles rather than just shooting the gun. While one battle is going on the next group is being geared up to allow for a quick change over. Fewer players are processed each hour but their level of satisfaction is much higher.