We know that if you’ve never played laser tag, or if you have never played laser tag with BattlefieldLive Wisconsin, you’ve got questions. Here are the answers to the most common and frequently asked questions. If you don’t see an answer for the question you’ve got on your mind just give us a call. We would be happy to talk to you.

What is BattlefieldLIVE Mobil Laser Tag?

BattlefieldLIVE Mobil Laser Tag is laser tag with a hi-tech, modern twist. Featuring real-time hit feedback as well as real-time stats, BattlefieldLIVE is a live-action play inspired by popular video games like the “Call of Duty” or “HALO” series. And when we say mobile, we mean we are 100% mobile. We bring the fun to you!

Who can play BattlefieldLIVE Mobil Laser Tag?
Everyone aged 8 and older. Boys and girls, moms and dads, even grandmas and grandpas can play!

Do I need to sign a waiver?
No you don’t, but you do need to follow our

Where can I play?
Your battlefield can be set-up almost anywhere and is only limited by your imagination. Back yard, open field, forest, or park can be transformed in minutes from a sedate setting to an action-packed battlefield. You can also play indoors as long as the space is large enough to accommodate the number of players you expect. Your Battlefield can be as small as half a basketball court to as large as a football field.

What is a BattlefieldLive Laser Tag Gun?
A ” BattlefieldLive Laser Tag Gun”, or gaming gun as we call them, is a next generation hi-tech version of the old style plastic laser guns. BattlefieldLive gaming guns replicate the real things in size, weight, sound, performance, and even muzzle flash. When people pick up our guns for the first time they can’t help but say “WOW”! Our gaming guns feature real-time hit feedback, real-time stats, voice and sound effects, speak 11 different languages, can emulate 69 different weapons, and provide real Red-dot scopes for superior quick targeting.

What languages are the guns programed to speak?
All of our guns are capable of speaking U.S. English (male & female), British English, Vietnamese, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Italian, French, Dutch (German), Mandarin and Arabic.

Do BattlefieldLive gaming guns shoot lasers? Is it eye-safe?
There are NO LASERS. Our gaming guns use an invisible and harmless INFRARED beam of light, just like your TV remote control, so it’s totally eye-safe. There are no projectiles, paintballs or pellets, so there is no need for masks, vests or chest protectors. And you never have to pay for ammunition!

How do BattlefieldLive gaming guns work?
Our gaming guns are unique in that they are modeled after both real and sci-fi type weapons. In a daytime environment they have an effective range of up to 500′, at night well over 1,000′. They use realistic digitized sounds, offer multiple modes of fire, and are able to have multiple battles on the same field without cross-over. Each gaming gun has 3 sensors, one on the gun and 2 on you. They let you know when you hit another player, as well as when you’ve been hit. This is hi-tech fun with attitude!

What size property do I need?
That really depends on the number of players you’re expecting. Most children’s birthday parties do just fine in the back yard, front yard and all around the house. For small parties of 10 players, you can safely play on a field half the size of a tennis or basketball court, for larger groups up to 30 players, a full size tennis court or basketball court is an appropriate safe space. For larger groups of over 30 players playing at a time, a soccer or football field would be appropriate. For an indoor event a gymnasium works very well .

Can I play in a public park?
If space is an issue most communities will allow you to use the public parks or school grounds. Depending on the size of your party, you may need to get permission from your parks and recreation department and you may be charged a small fee. We’re happy to provide the park authorities with our Certificate of Insurance.

Can we play in the rain?
Yes you can. As a matter of fact we play in almost all weather except heavy downpours or if there is thunder and lightning in the area. Our gaming guns are weather resistant and can stand-up to most rains, which players love. Your party will go on rain or shine, so your entertainment will too!

Do the gaming guns work indoors or at night?
BattlefieldLive gaming guns are hi-tech and are made to work in bright sunlight, indoors with artificial lights, outdoors at night or in a dark indoor area. Night time gaming adds a very different element to the missions.

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