The Zombies Are Coming!

Turn any party into a Zombie Hunt Laser Tag Party.

Ooooooooops!  The well meaning doctors at the Medical Research Facility have accidentally released a deadly virus that has infected the entire staff and turned them into undead, brain eating Zombies!  Now, the Zombies are roaming the countryside infecting the town folk and generally not playing nice.  Your mission as a Survivor is to kill the Zombies and survive until the Extraction Team Transport arrives.  Meet up with the Extraction Team at the LZ, at the designated time, and you're a winner!

Hunt Zombies Year Round!

What is Zombie Hunt Laser Tag?

Zombie Hunt Laser Tag is a live play game utilizing Battlefield Sports laser tag gaming guns set to Zombie mode. In Zombie mode there are two teams, The Living, aka The Survivors (Team A) and The Zombies (Team B). The gamers in each session are divided into 3 groups, One group begins the mission as zombies, two groups begin the mission as the living. The groups are rotated each mission to give all gamers the opportunity to begin a game as a Zombie.

This is a timed mission. The object of the game is for the Survivors to stay alive the entire mission and arrive at the Point of Extraction at the 10 minute mark.

Survivors begin each mission with 5 hit points and an Automatic Pistol*.

Zombies begin each game with 4 hit points.  Zombie guns are set to short range at reduced power and fire automatically once every second. They make no sound when they fire and emit no muzzle flash.

Each time a Survivor is shot by a Zombie they lose 1 hit point, when they lose all 5 hit points they are dead and must respawn. When a Survivor respawns they become a Zombie. Each time a Zombie is shot by a Survivor they lose 1 hit point, when they lose all 4 hit points they are dead and must respawn. Zombies have unlimited respawns.

The battlefield consists of 6 different areas:

The Starting Point: This is where the Living enter the battlefield.

The Medical Research Facility: This is where the Zombies deploy from at the start of the game. This is also the location of the Medic Box which respawns the Zombies and Survivors.

The Barracks: This is where the Survivors must go for a weapons upgrade to an AK47**.

The Police Station: This is where the Survivors must go for body armor.

The Ammo Dump: This is where the Survivors must go if they run out of ammunition.

The Point of Extraction: This is where the Survivors must meet at the appointed time for extraction.

The game ends at the end of 10 minutes or if all of the Survivors are turned into Zombies.

About the weapons:

* Survivors begin the game with one of several Automatic Pistols. It could be a Colt M-1911, a Beretta 92FS (M9), a Browning GP35 - HP, or a Heckler & Koch USP Match.

** The AK47 combat rifle features a 30 shot magazine, supports both automatic and semiautomatic fire, has long range, has 6 spare magazines of 5.45mm Russian ammunition and takes 3 seconds to reload.